Entry #4

Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony

2012-08-23 13:32:31 by Abbyka

This is what's been helping me try to improve my art a bit on my tablet. I've come a long way because of doing a draw blog. http://askzombieapocalypsepony.tumblr.com/

Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony


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2012-08-25 21:34:39

I don't like MLP but this picture can be apprecated by haters and lovers of the series :3

Sorry to hear about your arm, glad to see it has not stopped you though.

Abbyka responds:

Thanks. :) I was worried most of the fans of the series would hate this. I have done Applejack being eaten by zombie Soarin' before, and I actually got hate mail for that one! Surprisingly no one has complained about this one though.