Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony

2012-08-23 13:32:31 by Abbyka

This is what's been helping me try to improve my art a bit on my tablet. I've come a long way because of doing a draw blog.

Ask Zombie Apocalypse Pony

Aid For Japan

2011-03-14 12:26:39 by Abbyka

I, along with other etsy artists, have artwork that once sold will be donated to Japan's relief funds. I've sold one thing so far and have given the profits to World Vision. If interested in knowing more about helping through art whether it is buying or donating, then go to this forum.

There is also info on where you can find good legit charities to donate on your own!

For those interested

2010-12-05 19:42:57 by Abbyka

I know there have been a few people interested in my etsy shop/clay art/beading projects. So here are the links to both the facebook fanpage for my shop as well as the shop link. Any questions let me know. :) My shop's link was posted on's facebook, make sure to follow regretsy as well!

Facebook ttle-Things/172530122768436


Need advice on animating

2010-11-16 23:53:53 by Abbyka

Since I don't have a tablet I would be doing it entirely by hand and scanning each frame in. It's a short and sweet animation I'm planning but I'd like to hear some advice on how to make this less painstaking and smoother. I'm also struggling with whether I should use a background or not since this will be my first animation.